The Official State of the Fitness Industry, 2024

Key event takeaways, action plan(s) for entrepreneurs, and what not to do in Q2


From: Phil Graham

To: Fitness Entrepreneurs, and Business OwnersWelcome, Bienvenido, Salut, Willkommen!

In this post, we’ll debrief the full schedule of our latest series of back-to-back events for fitness entrepreneurs.

It’ll be heavy, and there will be multiple lessons iterated within. Feel free to bookmark this page, and revisit it. My aim is that it’s “timeless” for the majority of 2024, and that it can be a strategy guide for you at any point.

As a heads up, we ran two events, back-to-back, that we’ll summarise here. Specifically…

Mon 25th – Black Box Training

Tue 26th – Massive Action Day

Wed 27th – Power Room

Wed 27th – Strabiliante Sessions (My home restaurant)

Location: Ireland

Date: 25th – 27th March

Address: The Titanic Quarter, 8 Queens Road, Belfast BT39DT, UK

Our events were as follows:

The Massive Action Day → For coaches who are focused on growth, as part of Authority Network™.

The Power Room Mastermind Day → For 6/7-figure teams, and those scaling towards becoming market leaders.

Across each of those events, we covered:

The State of The Fitness Industry → And how to use these lessons to avoid mistakes most make

Mindset → And tuning yourself to a healthier self and business working in tandem

Sales → And how to introduce coaching conversations into your

Marketing → And how being descriptive and visual sets you apart from other coaches on socials

Client Delivery → And understanding how all business models need updating based on tech, standards, and rising needs

I’ve subheadlined each above so you click to the components you want to improve most right now. HOWEVER…

I’d seriously recommend reading the State of the Fitness Industry regardless of a sales, marketing, or offer problem.

Just before we kick off though, much of our work here will center around making longer term decisions as entrepreneurs that pay-off future dividends.

There’s an equation that we can take from this:

Hard Decision <> Easy Life

Easy Decisions <> Hard Life

All of this is about maximising the time we have in front of us now, for a better future payoff in business, life, and beyond. So let’s jump in together!

The State of The Fitness Industry

On the flipside, here’s a handful of areas I’d push (fitness) entrepreneurs to develop from this:


Focus Points for Growth


Skills → Which fitness entrepreneur can get a result for a client fastest while demonstrating that the best in a sharable way is the one who will consistently win new clients.

The coach who can then retain those clients and build systems underneath them is the coach everyone will know about.

Socials → Get. More. Creative. Screenshots aren’t cutting it, recipes are dead, and testimonials can go blind.

Watch media trends and try to predict what future clients will respond to better than your competitors on social. If you can win attention this way, your calendar will never go empty.

Character → Show yourself.

Ask yourself if you’re worth modelling. Clients will look up to you, and in ways, challenge you. You likely have unique aspects to your coaching right now that you’re not demonstrating. So put yourself out there and share yourself. Nobody else is you.


Mindset and Tuning


I use the word tuning above to describe something that “adjusts the balance of parts so that a system runs smoothly and efficiently.”

Now I’m not comparing the brain here to an engine, as it’s infinitely more complicated than that. However there’s no doubt to me – and hopefully to you – that mindset can tune and bring you closer to your desired daily state of operation.

One way we talked about this at the events was “mental flexing” you can say about yourself based on what actually matters in the world.

For some of us, we might see someone’s lifestyle and feel off about ourselves, when the life they live isn’t even the one we want.

And when all is said and done, a handful of things really matter in this life:

Notice that I put business last there, because it’s not necessarily needed. You could have a massive net-worth, and still do everything above it. The business is barely going to affect your daily happiness.

However if your business is tied to your mission, and you’re using it for financial gain, then it will be something that matters to you. However, it just can’t be the only thing – and I hope that’s clear here.

Now I say that, yet compare everything we’ve talked about here to the flexes we see on social media.

All in, choose longer term plays in your life that pay better long term happiness dividends than quick (and often expensive) flexes.

And most of the things that will bring you the most joy are closest to home, and frequently a quick drive away.


Marketing and Copy


We’ve all heard that we buy on emotion, and justify with logic. If you’re someone who considers themselves very logical, this will be hard to understand, even if you’re active in sales.

But most often when you’re buying something, you’re buying something equally as much for its practicality and uses, as how it’s going to make you feel using it, or be seen using it, or being attached to its quality.

So mention this in your marketing and messaging. Touch the core points of human desire, and mention them in a humanistic way that doesn’t sound like a robot…

“You’re going to love the dress sizes you’ll cut because you’re not overweight anymore” = 😅

Right? We can do FAR better than that, so let’s explore this together.

Good copy and messaging is vivid and visual to tap into emotions when registering problems and solutions with potential prospects. Please read that again.

We don’t want to be so blatant about this as to sound like a marketer or weird psychologist, but we don’t want to be bland either. Therefore, let’s move through some levels here.

POOR COPY → You’ll feel amazing.

Notes: There’s nothing visual, or nothing to feel. You’re leaving it up to their imagination to picture what “amazing” is. And the reality is, they’re coming to you to figure that out.

AVERAGE COPY → You’ll feel amazing in new clothes.

Notes: We have “clothes” as a visual element we’re putting into our prospect’s heads, however we’re still leaving how they feel in them up to change. Again, “amazing” assumes they know what they want. So let’s tell them instead…

STRONG COPY → “You’ll feel amazing. In fact, you’ll have to figure out what you’re going to do with all your old clothes because you’ll finally be able to fit into the brands you’ve dreamed of wearing.”

Notes: Infinitely better. A reader can see themselves throwing out old worn clothes, likely the ones they’ve used to make themselves “baggy,” while simultaneously playing into the dream of new clothes and a better wardrobe. For most, we’re happy to leave that up to chance because we don’t want to explicitly say it’s lululemon as it’s potentially too broad of an assumption. Provided we have them picturing and visualising the situation they want, that’s enough.

Test this out in socials. Push the imagery, but don’t sound robotic.




You wake up to an appointment. You look at your script, and practice it.

The questions feel a bit forced. Maybe they feel out of alignment with you personally.

The call goes well, but find yourself stumbling in the silence of a question that feels out of place. It forces you to go back a step and out of your natural flow.

Welcome to the sales paradox of wanting to coach and following tactics.

One component we talked at length on during the Massive Action Day was coaching, and not being afraid to coach on your new sales meetings.

HOWEVER. Please, approach with certain caution.

Most humans cannot genuinely place themselves more than 180 days in the future. So overselling and solving too many problems on sales calls can (and will) backfire.

It backfires in the fashion of overselling, oversolving, making something almost unbelievable or too-good-to-be-true, and you may open more loops than you should.

By teaching or telling them about solving more of their goals than they need, you actually open up MORE loops for you to solve on the call. Or it may backfire as they join and have a form of buyer’s regret that involves a combination of self-belief and reality to their goals.

That’s why it’s always better to just tackle the first, primary, and immediate goal at hand.

Therefore, stay focused on the timeframe at hand.

Will you work with the client for 90 days? What’s achievable in 90 days that they wouldn’t otherwise do on their own?

Coach on your sales calls. But coach only in this timeframe. And solve those goals specifically.

Client Delivery


All business models need updating from time to time, that’s in property, in SaaS, and in fitness coaching.

New technology and new demand will give rise to new standards.

Looking around, one thing you’ll notice is a lot of coaches are offering mindset and energy maintenance. Some even have psychologists, or behaviour conditioning coaches on staff.

This is the rise of new demand.

It’s not enough to just get a body transformation. You’ve got to tap into some of the things that have long held clients back and offer that.

For you as a CEO and leader, here’s the formula I use to look at this.

C → Stands for → Competency
P → Stands for → Passion
R → Stands for → Relevant

I’ve placed it in this order because it’s memorable, however it’s essentially a mini-formula for you to use when assessing client delivery standards.

Are you competent at it?
Is it relevant in your business at your level?
Do you have a passion for it?

Roughly in that order.

What you want to do is look at your time input in the business, assess whether it’s truly needed from you or if somebody else can fulfill it.

Then ask yourself if you can use tech to cut down the time fulfillment on it.

The final question to ask is if it meets the standards that your clients are looking for, and then deliver on it.


Flashforward: Your 2024


“Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people… or find a different room”

– Michael Dell.

As you think about the rest of this year, ask yourself who is supporting you. Then ask yourself if you’re supporting yourself.

Both of these events above were part of our client events, as a quarterly get together. You would get the same.

You’d be in a room of like-minded entrepreneurs in an environment designed to share.

You’d have our team overlooking your strategy, involved in the growth of your business.

And you’d be tracking towards becoming a better company owner.

Want to see what we’re about? Then click here and get a free demo and discovery session of how we help you scale your fitness business.


– Phil.



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