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What is a Fitness Entrepreneur?

. . . self-employed with multiple income sources

. . . has the freedom to travel & meet new people

. . . is paid to work with well known brands

. . . has an online business that helps change lives

. . . has the time to do what he wants, when he wants

I want you to imagine for a second, waking up on a Monday morning and checking in with a few of your online clients. Then going to a photoshoot for a brand your sponsored by. Finish up there and go to your favourite cafe to do some work from your laptop and bump into a girl because your not sitting in front of a cubicle at an office.

Then you head off to the gym or the beach to film some content for your social media. Head home and eat again because we love eating as Fitness Entrepreneurs. Train some clients in the afternoon and realise you’re done for the day and have the afternoon to do what you want. Maybe catch up with some friends? Give the girl a call from the cafe? Or just spend some time with your family. This is just one example of a day in the life of a Fitness Entrepreneur, what would yours look like?

Yes, It’s Totally Free