Read this or retire from operating your gym. Because…

I will Pay You £97 on December 28th, to Build a High Ticket Implementation Plan For Your Gym, and Launch it Before 2024

All details in a nutshell:
Dear Gym & Facility Owner

Revolution is in the air.

And I’m dead serious that it’s about to make a MASSIVE change in your facility’s potential.

I don’t care what your 2023 has looked like to date, my promise on this page is that your 2024 will be amazing.

And I can ROI promise that so hold me to it. Listen…

As a gym owner, you are the MOST important link in the chain of health and well being. You have the:

→ Most risk, highest overheads, lowest margins
→ Most clients, but you’re the least paid…
→ The longest LTV, but lowest profits

Let me stop you for a second right here…

😱 W. T. F. 😱

Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

I mean, there are a NUMBER of coaches out there, both online and in person where clients easily pay £1K – 1.5K for a simple 90 day transformation.

And those same clients are coming into your gym, using your equipment that you’re paying off, yet you see none of it.

Worst part… that same member of yours is often staying with that online coach for more than a year, and paying them upwards of £2 – 4K over the year.

So a quick question here… why shouldn’t this be you?

Well this page is about your revolution. Your revenue revolution. And…

Seeing as I’m the person who’s created MORE online coaches than any other person on this planet… I’m going to fix it… and have you install a brand new 6-figure revenue channel before the end of the year closes.

The Ultimate 2024 For Gym Owners: Set up in a Half-Day Together 💪

If an online coach or online personal trainer can sell this without a gym…

You can sell this with a gym.

In fact, you and other members of your team can sell this. Meaning you don’t actually have to be there and you can still watch the Stripe sale notification pop-up on your phone.

By the way, you need zero pieces of new equipment. In fact…

Nothing new is needed outside of throwing out your low priced trial-to-member funnel you’re using and welcoming in a better, higher profit system.

Because heed my words, implement this and…

[ONE New Client] 🤝 [Worth £1K] 👉 [3 Months]

[The SAME Client] 🤝 [Worth £2K] 👉 [8 Months]

[The SAME Client] 🤝 [Worth £3K] 👉 [12 Months]

Now imagine ten of those coming in every single month like clockwork, staying and paying because your retention systems are STACKED.

Imagine £8-15K added recurring to your facility from just 10 new high ticket members…

…then imagine that rolling in every other week.

I shouldn’t need to spell this out, but I will. These clients are worth 6x and more on your low priced training programs…

And it’s incomparable to a standard membership. The fact you’re NOT selling this yet is absurd, and so it’s my mission to showcase, install, and have you selling this the DAY after this training.

That’s right.

In just a half-day, I want to get together virtually with you and make sure you are armed to the teeth for 2024. I want it to be your season.

So on the 28th December, you and I will work live on the inside outs of:

You’ll walk away with your offer structured, presented, and packaged.

You’ll wake up the next day with the marketing plan ready to execute – right on the door of the new year as the perfect season to bring in new profitable members.

So all in, we’re about to install a brand new revenue channel together. And this is one decision you’ll make across a few hours with me after Christmas…

Will put upwards of £100K+ in revenue into your pocket across 2024. I’m that certain of it – I’ll even guarantee it.



Live: The High Ticket Gym Owner™

24 hours makes up one day. Yet…

What if I could make a simple half day on the 28th December worth a profitable fortune for you year over year?

I’ve spent over a decade of my life teaching personal trainers and online coaches the art of selling high ticket, but the returns for you as a facility with incredible retention already…

Is about to be insane. And that’s what The High Ticket Gym Owner ™ is all about.

Is about to be insane. And that’s what The High Ticket Gym Owner ™ is all about.

Yet this is no ordinary online based event. Because immediately after we finish, you’ll be set up to run and offer this before the New Year rolls around.

Meaning this is a half-day action plan that structures the entire high ticket offer into your gym, and is sellable as of the next day.

So read on, check out the day itself, look for the guarantee I’ll place behind the results you get… and I’ll see you on Zoom!

Your Ultimate Half-Day of Growth:

3-4 Hours to Put 6-Figures of Return in Your Pocket:

09:00 - 09:50 am: The Ultimate High Ticket Offer

Inside Inside this session, we’ll cover…this session, we’ll cover…

10:00 - 10:55 am: New 2024 Client Generation

Where you’ll discover…

11:05 - 12:05 pm: Your MASSIVE Retention Plan

Together we’ll uncover..

This is your plan. And this is your ticket for the 28th December.

So click or tap on that button below to claim your seat now…

(Just £1.07 over the next quarter 💪)

FYI: This System is Proven to Add More Revenue with Less Clients in Short Time. In Fact, Your Team Even Sells it For You

This is What I’m Installing in a Half-Day With You. Yet maybe you’re wondering…

The outcome here is massive revenue potential, in a ridiculously short space of time. That’s the power of installing high ticket into your facility…

But it’s also the power of being the most important chain in the fitness industry.

Listen, all roads lead to the gym, so why not capture the client first and collect that revenue yourself?

If you know me, you know my programs and masterminds run in excess of £10K. I’m not shy about it, and Authority Network™ is the consultancy for which all others compete against.

But listen, I’m hosting this for multiple gym owners and friends, and it’s taken me YEARS to dial in this system.

Yet all I’m going to charge for this is the cost of the team and tech set-up. In full transparency, I’ve got to cover:

While I’d originally planned to run this event for £250, today…

The low cost investment in The High Ticket Gym Owner™ is JUST £97 – that’s it.

Being straight with you, if you were to implement everything over the next quarter, you’re making an investment of £1.07 per day in order to enroll high ticket clients direct into your gym…

Who become worth £700 – £1,500 before they step foot in the door. This is a no brainer, so…

And realistically, I’m looking to work with a handful of gym owners afterwards who want my personal help accelerating the implementation of the high ticket systems found inside.

To be clear, you’re going to have enough to implement this yourself. However in the event you’re looking to get dialled in and implementing fast without a hitch, and through launch, then I’d love to work with you.

However in order to guarantee this half day will move the needle for you, here’s the double promise I’ve made to you:

Two Guarantees, One Promise:

A Half Day to Add 6-Figure Revenue Streams to Your Facility

My First Promise to Facility Owners → I will guarantee your investment in The High Ticket Gym Owner™ for 100 days, and here’s why…

The material you’ll discover inside is implementable as of the next day. However I know it’ll take a few weeks to get it under your fingers…

And you’ve got to onboard and work with your client first. So I want to give you ALL the space to do that in your zone of genius.

So any day across those initial 100 days of implementation that you’re not satisfied with this new revenue channel you’ve added – email into – and I’ll personally return your investment back the same day.

Plus, in the event you’re waiting to “see how things go” – jump in and wield this guarantee. You can get started today because of it, and judge it right afterwards.

My Second Promise to Facility Owners → Join me in fully implementing everything we work through together, and in the event it doesn’t help you add a new revenue channel to your gym, operate with a full high ticket offer, and hit higher revenue months…

Not only do I not want your money, I want to pay you for showing up. So here’s the deal…

→ Show me you attended the event and worked on your offer

→ Show me the conversations you had and just 3 sales calls you took

And if you can do both those insanely simple things and you’re still not happy with the trainings you found inside The High Ticket Gym Owner™ – then you’ll receive your full investment back, PLUS an additional £97 from me personally for the half day’s worth of time.

I’m that convinced I can move the needle for you that I’ll put my own profits on the line. So before that timer runs out, click the button below and grab your ticket now:

Total High Ticket Gym Owner ™ Value: £250

Ticket Discount Applied: £97

Today’s savings: £153

£97/30 = £3.23 per day this month
£97/52 = £1.87 per week through the year
£97/365 = £0.27p per day over the year

💪 All tax deductible, with a chunk in savings, and a MASSIVE return for your facility 💪


Don’t Pay a Penny for This Training Until it Proves The High Ticket System in Your Facility

At this point, I’ve done everything I can to arm you with the trainings, details, savings, and the guarantees to come and join me. So this is the final hurrah.

Right here, you either come join me for a half day on December 28th, or you walk into 2024 doing what you’re doing right now in place of an uncertain economy.

If you’ve come this far, I know that’s not you. You’re not content to just “do as you were” because we both know doing the same thing and expecting different results… is a major warning.

So this is a commemoration to the old you. The old you would leave this page and…

… go back to “business as usual”
… decide to focus on running trials for low-tier members
… settle for losing out on clients to coaches with an iPad and a VA

But this is the new you – and what we’re about to uncover together is pioneering for facility owners.

So just say yes.

Join me and install the ultimate high ticket offer into your facility, work in-person with clients who pay 5-7x over any personal training client you enroll, and add new revenue streams to your facility.

Wield the guarantees I’ve given you.

And spend a few hours with me after Christmas to have the best possible 2024 around.

Join me and click the “Yes Phil, I want on board!” button below.

Then I’ll see you sharp on the 28th December,


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