If You Can’t Double Your Fitness Business Alongside My Team & I Over The Next 6 Weeks, Then I’ve Got *NOTHING* For You

Official Modern Coach™ Scholarship Activated: Savings of £3K applied to this page, until the timer runs out, then gone for good, and will not be repeated.


Dear Skilled Coach,

Allow me to paint a very specific picture here on how we can help you potentially double your fitness business this Black Friday.

It’s simple. 

On this page I’ve created something brand new to counter what I believe may be the great reckoning of online coaches. Truth is…

Markets are saturated. People are bored. And clients are shopping for options.

You’re one search, one click, or one iG post from being ignored, ghosted, or cancelled for another coach. 

Today it ends. 

Because this is Black Friday, and I’m going to make you an offer. 

It’s strong enough that my team is uncomfortable with this. Truthfully, so am I. 

But I’m going to make it very worth your while. 

In fact, I’m going to hand you…

Your Own Private Scholarship, and a Few Grand in Savings. Fair?

Because if you stick around, here’s not only what you’ll receive, but what I’m willing to physically guarantee will work for you. 

Let’s jump in:

You’ll have the tools and the methods to notice a gap in your business, fix it, and grow it. 

And last but not least…

So let’s not waste time here. Let’s quickly jump into what this is, why it works, and how to get it at the LOWEST cost you will ever see this.


The Modern Coach™

I want to arm you to the teeth with the ability to self-diagnose, repair, and scale your own business. 

My goal is to give you the tools, the systems, and the strategies I would use if I were advising you, if we were business partners, or if I HAD to guarantee a win in your business. 

So this is the complete kit in 3 significant areas that matter in your business. Allow me to detail them to you here:

This is why I’ve created Modern Coach, and built it to be a complete teaching and coaching program that focuses exclusively of these business components by:

Teaching them to you → Installing them over the shoulder → Then incrementally scaling each one. 

How Can I Be SO Sure Modern Coach™ Will Be Responsible for Double Business Growth?

By the power of compounding, that’s why. 

Our first task inside Modern Coach will be to install and grow your client attraction systems, give a bump to your offer packaging and pricing, and set up systems to ascend and retain your old and new clients. 

Our first goal will simply be to increase each area by just 25%. 

Listen… INSANELY doable. 

I’ve had clients who’ve jumped by 200/300% in a month using any of these. All we want is a measly little 25%. 

Let’s break that down:

Simply by increasing each of these numbers by just 25%, here’s what will happen…


The Breakdown Behind Your Best Month Ever… and every month from here on out

That’s £75 shy of double growth… and just 5 clients that pay monthly, month over month.

That’s revenue growth with no extra stress, easy client attraction, and near effortless retention. 

But let’s run the numbers again if you’re working with more clients.

Again, that’s just £225 short of double growth. And the makings of an over 6-figure business that runs like clockwork. THIS is the power of focus on core areas of business growth. And THIS can happen extremely quickly.  It’s the power of retention.  It’s the power of compounding.  And together, we’re going to install this.

What’s Inside the Modern Coach™ System

Modern Coach™ has a core training component that focuses on areas of: 

Client growth → Pricing/packaging/offer growth → And sales/upgrade retention growth. 

That includes:

But we’re taking it up a level here. 

You will have access to the material, the systems, and the process here for life. Always. 

But my team will be actively working WITH you in a private Facebook™ group doing daily check-ins, peer mentorship, and dialling in over chats and calls with you to see the formations of double revenue growth.

We’ll take two “Strategy Sessions” per week – on Tuesday and Thursday at  9am, for 6 straight weeks, right up until the Massive Action Day (on the 9th January – see below).

But just a quick heads up here…

My true intention for the future is that this process lasts for 4 weeks only. 

However as a Scholarship member, not only will you receive 6 full weeks taking us right up to the 9th of January…

You’ll also meet me in person as we plan this together. So check it out…

Bonus #1:

Free Ticket to our Massive Action Day

(£250 entry – yours free)

Join me live as we work through the Massive Action Day system together, including:

Hosted in “The Round Room” at the Mansion House, Dublin on the 9th January 2023…

Your name will be printed out and set aside a personalised seat for the event, and we’ll discuss your past 6 weeks of actions, and plan your future intent to grow your business AGAIN.

Bonus #2:

Full Year of Free Mission Ready Journals (4x Journals that last for 90 days).

(£120 value – yours free)

The systematic action plan for winning your day, reducing stress, and increasing focus. 

I meet entrepreneurs from all over the world, and all walks of life who believe they’re planned and co-ordinated. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

I meet entrepreneurs from all over the world who are “busy,” barely have time for themselves, struggling to look after their personal lives, and not spending time with their loved ones. 

If you’ve ever been in that boat, a Mission Ready journal quickly begins solving it. 

Each journal lasts 90 days, and revolutionises how you approach your daily life in every single area. 

Simply plan it. Carve out the time. Work hard. Review…

And just WATCH what happens after 45 days. 

But all of this combined is…

Why my team is freaking out.

Modern Coach™ will be worth 4x what you’ll pay for it. Now yours for an insanely low investment.

I won’t beat around the bush. 

Modern Coach™ will be sold in the future for 4 monthly payable investments of £1,000. 

For the coaches who join at that price, they’re guaranteed to practically ROI within each those months alone…

And that’s before their monthly recurring revenue grows month in, month out after. 

That means you’re facing a potential 7-figure decision that you can make for less than a grand. I’m serious.

I’m a little uncomfortable writing this frankly. But…

Modern Coach™ will be a LOW one-off investment, only available over the time period shown below:


Until then, your low investment in Modern Coach™ will be just £997, which you can split across an easy payment plan if you want to get started easier.

Let’s break that down:

Break it down per day and ask yourself if you can invest £2.73 in yourself. 

I mean let’s get real – a sandwich at lunch used to cost the same – back in 2005 lol. Nowadays…

You’ll pay that much for a simple coffee, and it tastes like muck! 

With that said, the full investment in Modern Coach™ at £4,000 is just £10.96 per day. Yet the vast majority of rent costs 3x more than this daily, and that’s dumped into a negative asset. So…

Hopefully by now you can see this is a high ROI decision… which I’ll make even easier and stand behind your success.

(Tax deductible by the way 💪)

The Modern Coach™ Guarantee: 

Double or Nothing: Grow or you don’t pay 

In the unlikely event that your Modern Coach™ systems don’t allow you to install revenue jumps and streamlined processes within your business… I and my team will work with you until they do. Simple. 

I’m unwilling for anyone to invest in something I create and not see growth. Because I’ve done this for over a thousand fitness clients. And added to this…

I am the proud founder and owner of the world’s largest fitness business mentorship, and if I could show you the retention we have in our programs alone… you’d understand why I feel capable of offering this. 

Sure → You will invest in yourself. 

Sure → There will be work involved

But what sacrifice doesn’t require growth?

And in this case, I’m going to make sure any sacrifice you make is WELL rewarded. Because I want you to be able to look back at this moment together and say…

“Yep *THAT* was a catalyst moment for me:

That’s how I can live where I want to. 

That’s how I can afford to provide for myself & others

THAT’S how I’m known for incredible client transformations”

Listen, allow me to be straight – I’m known for it. 

You can win *MANY* ways. 

Self-belief can carry you VERY far in this world. 

But for most, they’re lost at sea without the right guidance, the right systems, or the right processes for growing a business. 

The insanely low investment in your Scholarship spot for Modern Coach™ will now be a memory for you. 

A commemoration of the OLD you. 

And a welcome to the NEW you as a market leader, a provider for your family, and an entrepreneur who makes wise, strategic investments that result in growth. 

Remember, we will work with you until you do, that’s a promise. 

Yet by saying no, you risk walking away, trying it yourself, and MAYBE seeing random spurts of growth. 

Remember, it can be EASY to see days or a few weeks of growth.

But the systems and repeatability to do it time and time again – when you need it – as the world around you changes and makes business growth difficult?

That is truly priceless. So click the button below, say yes, and join me today. 

I’ll be there to welcome you alongside the team. 

And I literally cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. 

Fully in your corner, and cheering you on,


P.S. – Modern Coach™ is accessible over a low, one-off payment of £997, and WILL be 4x this in the future at 4 monthly payments of a grand each month. 

As this is a seasonal offer, it’s only available until the timers on this page runs out, then this page will be taken offline. Please don’t ask me to extend the offer, as we will *not* be doing. 

However because it’s a season of growth, I’m making Modern Coach™ accessible by offering a payment plan.

You can invest £997 today, and complete your Modern Coach™ enrollment.

Please choose the option that suits your growth best. And the team and I will be there for you.

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