The Team Responsible For More 6-Figure Online Coaches Than Any Other Has Something to Say…

“The TWO Paths Below Allow You to Become a Niche-Leading Online Coach. All Systems, Strategies, & Scaling Templates are Now *Less* than a Nero Latte”

Dear Fitness Entrepreneur,

On this page you can choose your journey to success. So I’m going to be very direct and brief with you here. 

This team has produced more 6-figure online coaches than any other out there.

What we’ve learned collectively, what we’ve installed collectively, and what we’ve taught collectively, is something I’m now going to give to you.

And I’m going to give it to you at a ridiculously low price. The lowest I’ve ever gone, which I’ll explain why after I prove the business growth to you.

Not only that, I’ve placed guarantees behind your client, revenue, and profit growth. You leave with results assured. 

All in, this is your journey, your success, and your story… 

So my only goal on this page is that I help ensure your growth as a niche-leading fitness entrepreneur, no matter:


The Beginning of The END For Your Competition

I am confident that once you finish working through this short page, the only problem you’ll soon have is being too full to onboard new clients.

I know this is true because I’m about to introduce you to a revolutionary new system that allows you to build, scale, and manage a thriving fitness business.

And whether you want to or not, you can grow, profit, and even exit your business…

Or step into the position as acting CEO and manage a loyal team to create niche-leading client transformations. The kind that leaves your competition clutching at straws.

And this is all possible within a system we’ve collectively designed called Modern Coach™. It operates on a very simple process.

If we were growing your business right alongside you, we’d have 3 missions. Modern Coach™ aims to give you that, fast, while protecting your business’s overhead costs.

So here’s the 3 missions, what you need to install in your operations, and the breakdown of your next highest revenue months ever.

Note down where you are, and where you’re heading based on this checklist:

Fitness Entrepreneur Mission #1 → Foundations

Fitness Entrepreneur Mission #2 → Scaling

Fitness Entrepreneur Mission #3 → Management (Team)

Warning: Only available through Modern Coach™ Sprint (see options below)


If you follow this (business) law, there’s no doubt you grow

The intensity of trying to grow your business is diminished when you look at it as a set of parts that you can tinker with, grease, and apply force on.

If I tasked you with growing by 100% in 12 weeks, it’s likely you’d fall apart.

You would try everything and anything. Right direction, wrong direction. You’d use time to just… run yourself ragged.

Instead, if I told you that you could double your business by just taking on 25% more clients this month… would you listen? 

By looking at the pivotal levers of your business, and applying all your effort here, you can do that as it’s a universal law. 

Simply put – you place effort into the right areas of a well structured business and you will win. 

Forget about “luck” when growing a business or being in the “right place at the right time.” Success in the fitness industry is a genuine equation. 

Reality is, there are always more clients out there. In fact, there are an abundance more clients than coaches, and when you’re positioned right, it will work for you.

So let’s move on…


Placing ALL focus on what moves the needle: Your Packaging, Your Client Volume, Your Economics

Grow EACH of the areas above by 25% and it’s possible to double your fitness business within any timeframe. Whether you’re just starting, or working with a couple clients…

Never forget that the bulk of coaches are running absolutely blind. Therefore dialling into the right principles will allow you to make compound leaps ahead of them.

Now I set you an example above of doing this over 3 months (12 weeks) with us, so here’s how that would happen, and how I can prove that the systems with Modern Coach™ help you do this at an insanely affordable cost.

Let’s say you have:

Now let’s break down your best ever month, and how you can cycle this over and over again to achieve the growth you want.

That’s £75 shy of double growth… and just 5 clients that pay monthly, month over month.

That’s revenue growth with no extra stress, easy client attraction, and near effortless retention.

But let’s run the numbers again if you’re working with more clients.

What’s scary here is that these numbers are *LOW BALL*.

We will frequently instruct our clients to have packages that run close to £1,000 + (again, low-ball), and we create simple economics in the business that allow you to generate upwards of 9-15 month retention per average client.

So with the right systems, hopefully you can see, there is nothing stopping you from following in those footsteps and getting this done faster than you thought imaginable.

All of THIS 👆is Yours For a Low Price Will Increase When This Timer Runs Out 👇


The entry investment for Modern Coach™ is low. Especially compared to what’s come before it, what our team’s price usually is, and the fact that there are two different affordable paths to getting started.

But this offer will not hold for long.

This current page is a compromise my team and I have arrived at, as we have two separate missions.

My Mission: I’d like to help as many fitness entrepreneurs become niche leading online coaches.

My Team’s Mission: Make the economics work for OUR business, and build profitable products.

And if I’m honest, how I’ve structured this offer isn’t entirely sustainable for us to run. So I’ve overridden my team and this is the Modern Coach™ offer and special in front of you. Enjoy it, because it won’t be up for long.


The Modern Coach™

I have ONE single goal here. And that’s to give you the tools, the systems, and the strategies I would use if I were advising you, if we were business partners, or if I HAD to guarantee a win in your business.

Modern Coachis the only system of it’s kind to factor in your business foundations + your revenue intake + your investment price.

It’s designed to give you the absolute best of us, the best of our systems, the best of our strategy for helping build niche-dominant online coaches…

And provide that to you at a rate that protects the inner workings of your business.

To do that, we’ll focus on the 3 primary drivers of your growth, and give you multiple ways to accelerate and ascend each. Those areas are…

This is why I’ve created Modern Coach, and built it to be a complete teaching and coaching program that focuses exclusively of these business components by:

Teaching them to you → Installing them over the shoulder → Then incrementally scaling each one.

However, allow me to do one better by showing you…

What’s Inside the Modern Coach™ System

Modern Coach™ has a core training component that focuses on areas of: 

Client growth → Pricing/packaging/offer growth → And sales/upgrade retention growth. 

That includes:

Now ALL of this is available as you start building and scaling your niche-dominant fitness business using Modern Coach™.

And as I mentioned earlier, I have multiple, affordable paths to get you there as you walk this journey.

That’s why you’ll see two versions of Modern Coach™ below, allowing you to access what you need, as you need it.

So let me introduce you to both…

Offer Available: Choose Your Best Journey Below To Become a Niche-Leading Online Coach

As I mentioned above, I am practically giving away either Modern Coach™ path above to you.

And the reality is that Modern Coach™ supersedes an old course that was foundational to my business, and priced at £1,997. That was “Super Strong Business™”, which is no longer available due to changes in the marketplace.

Instead, Modern Coach™ is a full on assault on rising competition, incoming “recessions,” and a sophisticated market that’s become NUMB to online coach marketing.

You will zig, while all others zag. You will become a niche-leader. And the processes are now in place for you to repeatedly move the revenue needle for your business.

But you will not need to pay £1,997 for Modern Coach™ Lite, nor the full investment for the 12-Week Sprint with our team.

My mission is to serve online coaches who feel marginalised by the overwhelming NOISE of options out there, and who feel they’re playing “catch-up” to their competition.

So there is a 75% off offer on this page ONLY until the timers you see hit zero.

That means your insanely low investment in potentially doubling the trajectory of your revenue, becoming a niche-leader, and outpacing your competition by a country mile is just £497.

Alternatively, you can claim a FULL 12-week sprint alongside my team and I, where we do this with you. Originally a £3,997 investment, you can start below for JUST £1,200 and get full-ride access.

We’ve designed the program this way so you are in continued mentorship. So Modern Coach™ Sprint has continued coaching access for £297/month which will auto-renew after our initial push together. You are free to cancel this at any point during your continued coaching, or before your 12 week sprint ends. Simply mention it to your coach, and you won’t be charged.

But Ultimately My Team Has the Final Say with Modern Coach™ - it’s Their Time, Their Systems, and Their Process

Therefore the prices to either path will soon double

For this promotion you’re seeing of Modern Coach™, we’ve come to a compromise. I can offer this to you at an investment that we cannot sustain, but my team will raise it so they can hit marketing KPI’s. That will last until…


Modern Coach™ has proven immensely successful at helping online coaches navigate modern waters.

If you’ve felt like your prospects are “sheepish” when looking for help, or you feel “shopped” on sales calls you take, or you’re frequently having no-shows or a potential client going elsewhere…

That’s what we’re solving here by building market leadership, and installing the business foundations you need to repeatedly grow and protect your revenue.

So let’s break down your low cost investment today:

This is the lowest investment I’ve ever sold anything at, by a country mile. And while it makes my team uncomfortable for this promotion, the fact is that it doesn’t hit our internal KPIs (key performance indicators).

However if you want to fully guarantee the success you have with Modern Coach™ and want us to help you build this out, and install these systems together over an intensive 12-week sprint together, here’s what that looks like:

Let’s talk about *THIS* number specifically: 

£1,200 over 52 weeks → Which equals £23 per week. Think of everything you might possibly spend in a week that would build up to over £23. That’s a quick lunch or dinner, and realistically serves you about a few hours worth of satiation! 

Instead, what if it was possible to invest a few pounds per day, and see monumental return as you repeatedly grow your revenue, and what’s possible to pay yourself as a fitness entrepreneur. 

At the very peak of my business, I have a handful of clients who will sell full 4-figure fitness packages every single working day. That’s roughly 20 working days per month, when a new client joins their business, and spends the next 9-12 months with them. 

The same clients started in processes like Modern Coach™ (either path), and invested £23 per week in the systems, team, and training to scale and become utterly niche dominant. 

All in, that’s literally £3 per day – for one year – as you enroll £500-£1,000 clients, and you do that multiple times per week. With that in mind, and the guarantee I’ve place behind this, click the button below to get started:

The Modern Coach™ Double Path Guarantee:

In the unlikely event that Modern Coach™ systems don’t allow you to install revenue jumps and streamlined processes within your business… we will serve you until they do. Here’s how that works.

For Modern Coach™ Lite → You have an unwavering 90 day guarantee to try out, install, and test all the growth systems seen here today. We’ve seen online coaches absolutely transform the foundations of their income, revenue, and freedom in just one quarter. And there’s no reason that can’t happen to you either. You can jump in and hold these systems to the fire for a full 90 days. They work for you, or you don’t pay.

For Modern Coach™ Sprint → We come in and work alongside you for 12 full weeks as we accelerate everything seen here today. Reality is, there are days where your life completely changes. Now imagine 3 full months with a team who pushes you for mastery every single day. And in the event you’ve not achieved an ROI at the end of the 12 weeks together, we work with you until you do.

As a CEO, I’m unwilling for anyone to invest in something we create and not see growth.

But facing facts, on either path there is an investment required both in using your time wisely, and by investing in yourself. So…

But what sacrifice doesn’t require growth?

And what great reward doesn’t require sacrifice?

In either path, I’m going to make sure any sacrifice you make is WELL rewarded. Because I want you to be able to look back at this moment together and say…

“Yep *THAT* was a catalyst moment for me:

That’s how I can live where I want to.

That’s how I can afford to provide for myself & others

THAT’S how I’m known for incredible client transformations”

Listen, allow me to be straight – I’m known for it.

You can win *MANY* ways.

Self-belief can carry you VERY far in this world.

But for most, they’re lost at sea without the right guidance, the right systems, or the right processes for growing a business.

While potential clients grow numb to the noise of the market, and leaders worldwide call for a “tightening of spending”… there will still be a plethora of coaches out there who win.

Seeing as we’re most likely the people who found them, why not grab the same systems here for next to nothing.

So with that said, the true reality is that Modern Coach™ is a commemoration of the OLD you.

And a welcome to the NEW you as a niche-leader, a provider for your family, and an entrepreneur who makes wise, strategic investments that result in growth.

Remember, we will work with you until you do, that’s a promise.

Yet by saying no, you risk walking away, trying it yourself, and MAYBE seeing random spurts of growth.

Remember, it can be EASY to see days or a few weeks of growth.

But the systems and repeatability to do it time and time again – when you need it – as the world around you changes and makes business growth difficult?

That is truly priceless. So click the button below, choose your path, and join us today.

I’ll be there to welcome you alongside the team.

And I literally cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Fully in your corner, and cheering you on,

P.S. Modern Coach™ is accessible over two paths that will soon rise based on the timers you see on this page. This is a special promotion offer that I’ve come to an agreement with my team, as frankly the investments aren’t sustainable for our internal KPIs as a company. Either path of Modern Coach™ – be that our Lite version, or Sprint version, is set to double. And yet either path is guaranteed for your success as a growing online coach. You can choose whichever option by clicking any of the buttons on this page, which will take you to a secure cart. The choice is simple by selecting which one you want.

P.P.S. FYI in Modern Coach™ Sprint, you’ll get full access to the monthly my content my team copywriter Cath pumps out. Every month she’ll deliver a content briefing giving you templates, ideas, posts, and content for all social media platforms.

I won’t understate this. You would easily invest the price of Modern Coach™ in her alone, and more for services that deliver half of her value.

Yet inside our 12 week sprint, you get 2 months access to her content deliver. Frankly this alone will save you hours of time, and has been known to produce calls for many of our clients.

More time saved + more calls + higher price sold = £🖨

P.P.P.S. Your investments at a glance:

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